October 5th, 2007

Carrie Now

Debut Author to Author Interviews: Karen Day Interviews Rose Kent

KIMICHI & CALAMARI, Rose Kent’s wonderful debut novel, is filled with humor, hope, honesty and integrity. It tells the story of 14-year-old Joseph Calderaro, in many ways a typical eighth grade boy – one who worries whether the popular girl will fall for him or what his bottomless stomach will be able to eat next. Yet Joseph is hardly typical. He’s adopted (from Korea) and lives with an Italian family. Sparks fly, especially when Joseph decides to find his birth family. Rose Kent’s seemingly innate and effortless ability to get inside Joseph’s head is a tribute to her writing ability as well as to the character she creates. Joseph is a loveable, believable boy. We cheer for him and with him on his quest to understand himself and his families around him. What a pleasure and honor to read your book, Rose! Congratulations. - Karen

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