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We've been featuring Autumn Cornwell's debut novel, CARPE DIEM. Today we get to tell you a little bit more about the fabulous Autumn.

Squat toilets, profuse sweating, bamboo huts, jumbo centipedes, ear nibbling — these are just some of the delights Autumn has encountered in her global travels. Not to mention the can’t-believe-it’s-true Laotian jungle adventure which inspired Carpe Diem. (You’ll just have to read the book!)

A travel junkie, Autumn has explored twenty-two countries and counting. She’s spent the last couple summers working with refugees and orphans in Burma, Thailand, and Laos. Southeast Asia remains close to her heart since her days as a missionary kid in New Papua — where she ate her weight in guavas and mingled with reformed headhunters and cannibals. Which was nothing compared to navigating the intrepid jungles of the TV & Film Industry, where she spent most of her career. (Not including her stint as a tour guide at Hearst Castle).

After spending the rest of her childhood in Washington State, Autumn moved to Southern California for college and refused to leave. She lives in Los Feliz, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, with her husband JC, who works in visual effects at Imageworks. With his assistance, she’s produced her biggest project to date: son Dexter, born August 2006 — who thankfully doesn’t require much editing.

Where is your novel set, and why there?

CARPE DIEM is set in Malaysia, Cambodia, and Laos. Why? Well, I lived in Southeast Asia as a kid and traveled through it extensively as an adult – and experienced so many whacky adventures and met so many fascinating people I simply HAD to use it as a backdrop for a novel. One of my goals with CARPE DIEM is to expose readers to other cultures and to show how much we really do have in common with each other. (Not to mention how often humor transcends culture!) My main character is a sheltered American teen who has never left the state she was born in. How would she react to being plucked from Washington State and plopped into a land of temples and squat toilets?

To find out more about Autumn or members of the Class of 2k7 check out our website!

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